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341 Meeting of Creditors

341 Meeting of Creditors

Where is it?

The Tisdale Law Firm currently handles bankruptcy cases in the Waco Division of the Western District of Texas. The 341 Meeting of Creditors is held at the Waco Federal Courthouse, 800 Franklin Ave., Waco, Texas 76701.

There is currently a lot of construction on-going in Waco. Please make sure to allow plenty of time for travel delays.

When is it?

The 341 Meeting of Creditors is typically scheduled 30-45 days after filing. You will receive notice by e-mail from our office, mail from the court, mail from our office, as well as phone call reminding you of the meeting. There should be no reason for you to miss.

What Should I Wear?

This is not a court hearing. It is a meeting between you, your attorney, and the trustee. Still, a modicum of decency is expected. Try to avoid shorts or cutoffs, wife-beaters, etc.

What Should I Bring?

You must bring your state or federal ID (drivers license, passport, or military ID) as well as your social security card. The social security card is not meant as a second form of ID, it is used to prove your social security number is correct. Please make sure you have both before heading to the 341 meeting. Without one or the other, you may be required to return a second time to show them.

You do not need to bring your petition, schedules, or statements, or anything else provided to you by your attorney. We also encourage you to leave your children at home. The courthouse is no place for children and as much as we love children, they can be disruptive and slow down the proceedings, delaying everyone, including the trustee.

What Will be Asked?

The creditors may ask anything that relates to the bankruptcy proceeding, but it is rare that creditors appear at these meetings. The Trustee will also ask questions, many of which can be found below.

In answering these questions the most important thing to remember is to tell the truth. "Yes" and "No" are your best friends. In the event that the Trustee asks a question that you do not know that answer, than the correct answer is "I don't know." Do not make up anything--do not guess. It is much easier to supplement the correct answer later rather than try to correct an incorrect answer.

If you realize that something we filed was incorrect, please make sure to tell your attorney immediately so that it can be corrected. If the trustee points out something that needs to be changed, do not worry, this is not uncommon and the attorney will handle any corrections, if necessary. If the trustee asks for more information (more bank statements, pay stubs, proof of insurance, etc.) please provide it to the office as soon as practical.

What if I Cannot Attend?

It is required for the debtor to attend the 341 Meeting. If you are deployed or living elsewhere at the time of the 341 Meeting, it is possible for you to appear by phone, either being sworn in by an officer, or another trustee. In some rare cases it is possible to reset your 341 Meeting to a different date. Please inform your attorney as soon as you believe that your attendance may be an issue.